IGO HOTEL is located in Shinjuku of Tokyo.It’s between with Kabukicho ,which is the largest sleepless town of Tokyo, and Shin Okubo, which is called “Korean Town”.The Higashi-Shinjuku station is a 3-mins walk away from IGO HOTEL , including Fukutoshin Line and Oedo Line.The Fukutoshin Line stops at Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Meiji Jingu, Harajuku, and Shibuya. The Oedo Line can go to Ueno, Roppongi.The travelers have a experience that the rapid changes of Tokyo without transfer to another line.


The design of IGO HOTEL is full of modern Japanese style, with the dim lighting and wooden decoration in the corridor, and the rooms designed by Japanese style and western style, to welcome travelers from afar.


In the calm and peaceful Japanese-style room, the scent of tatami eliminate fatigue of the travelers. Sitting on the floor freely, travelers can collect today's mood and preparing for tomorrow's trip. In the Western-style room, clean and soft mattresses provide exhausted travelers with the most comfortable service.


Because IGO HOTEL is located in the Shin-Okubo area, there are many Korean restaurants, travelers can taste Korean food in Tokyo. For example, “TAK CAFE” sells Korean fried chicken, 24-hour Korean home-style restaurant "TOTO",“くるむサンパ(Yakiniku Kurumu)“ is famous yakiniku restaurant in Seoul , and Korean-style set meal  "Nandaemun", etc..If travelers want to buy the latest Korea cosmetics,  popular products of Korea or Korean star products, there are many shops for sell. Especially, the "Korean Department Store" is satisfied tourists demands.


Additionally, if travelers want to taste well-known Japanese restaurants in Tokyo,  the well-known steak chain restaurants "Ikinari Steak" and the popular seafood izakaya "Isomaru Suisan" is located near the IGO HOTEL. In the middle of the night, tourists are craving for food. Less than 1 minute from the hotel, the convenience stores "Lawson" and "Family Mart" are still available to travelers for 24 hours. Besides, Matsumotokiyoshi, a well-known Japanese drugstore, is also nearby, which is a good place for travelers to buy Japanese medicines.


Living in a residential area, IGO HOTEL is a quiet environment in the midst of noisy, providing travelers with the quietest and most leisurely space. Returning from the fast-paced life of Tokyo, travelers can enjoy the most comfortable and relaxing time in IGO HOTEL. Let travelers have the vibe of home in Tokyo.IGO Back my home!

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